A Trusted Partner In Tax Assistance

An experienced and trusted Tax Advisor is a vital member of your financial team.

The responsibilities of income tax filing and planning are a heavy burden to carry alone. The US Tax Code is over 70,000 pages in length, not including federal regulations and IRS guidance. Not even the best “do-it-yourself” consumer tax software can address every tax situation.

At Northwest Tax Associates, our foundation of experience is a valuable asset when handling tax matters. We prepare and advise on a variety of tax returns ranging from simple to extensive and complex. Integrity is valued and is at the very core of our practice.

Your unique situation is important to us. Our personable service and attention to detail extends to each client. Know that your information will be kept confidential and your best interests assured throughout the process.

Services we provide

• Comprehensive Income Tax Preparation
• Tax Planning and Counseling
• Business Advisor
• Financial Bookkeeping Compilation
• Payroll and Auxiliary HR Service

We hope you find value in the resource tools and links our site provides. For current clients, this site links to Onvio, a secure portal for the transfer of information. Safeguarding your data is among our highest priorities.

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