Download a Tax Organizer


These forms can be completed online and saved or printed. Leave blank whatever you do not know or understand. Save the form to your desktop and upload it to the Canopy portal when finished, or bring it to our appointment.

Individuals, Self Employed, & Rental Property Owners

Engagement Letter

Download the Individual Engagement Letter and remember to sign/date it.


These forms are useful as a guide and to provide tax information. Please refer to the previous menu list explaining the various types of documentation needed. A separately maintained system of financial accounting is acceptable and recommended if legible and complete.

Corporations & LLC Partnerships

Engagement Letter

Download the Business Engagement Letter and remember to sign/date it.

Miscellaneous Tax Tips

  • The Payroll Tax Deposit Flowchart explains the general rule on making federal tax deposits for employer payroll taxes.
  • This short primer on automobile expenses details the differences between claiming the actual expense method versus use of the standard mileage rate.
  • Review this travel flowchart to learn when travel costs can be tax deductible.

Disclosing Tax Return Information to Third Parties

The Consent to Disclose Tax Return Information Form can be completed online prior to printing. Print out the form when finished and sign/date it before returning to us. Federal law prohibits the disclosure of personal tax information to third parties without your express written consent.