Our Services

Comprehensive Income Tax Service

The cornerstone of our practice and expertise. We provide in-depth services to individuals and businesses, including Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Sole Proprietors, and Corporations. We also prepare amended and multi-state returns. Delinquent return preparation is reviewable on a case-by-case basis.

Tax Planning and Counseling

Every situation is unique and often presents more than one solution. But which is the right one? Whether you are catching up or looking ahead, we guide you through the process from being reactive to becoming proactive.

Business Advisor

Businesses need special attention. We advise on various aspects that include start ups, the highs and lows of business cycles, industry-specific issues, and exit strategies. Selecting an entity— LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, C or S corporation, etc.— is an important choice with different tax implications. We explain each type and help you choose the right fit.

Financial Bookkeeping Compilation

Small companies often struggle when they outgrow their financial record keeping system. Is it better to hire an accounting staff in house or to outsource? We offer an off-site bookkeeping compilation service with secure, real-time access to your financial data. Our staff is QuickBooks® Pro Advisor certified.

Payroll and Auxiliary HR Service

Do you like the flexibility of a payroll company that offers multiple employee benefit options and a real-time Human Resource department? We have partnered with Gusto to offer these services. Simplified time tracking, anniversary date monitoring, retirement plans, and much more are available. Gusto makes the process convenient and easy to use.

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