Important Information

2018 Tax Year Filing Notes

Please remember that your return will not be started by our office until all tax documents have been received

  • Documents can be attached to the organizer, mailed, faxed, or delivered to our office by appointment
  • The fastest- and safest way is to send them via our encrypted client portal

We must have your 2018 tax information no later than March 15th to timely file your tax return before April 15th

  • For individual tax returns on extension, we must have your complete information by September 15th to timely file your return before October 15th

IMPORTANT:  We are no longer putting returns on extension automatically

  • Please contact us prior to April 10th to request an extension should you require one
  • An extension will be filed for incomplete returns already in our office
  • The Failure to File penalty is costly but preventable if we receive timely communication

Important dates for extensions, document receipt, and return filing

Electronic Filing of Individual Tax Returns will begin on January 28, 2019

  • Certain forms may be delayed, and the filing of those forms will become available as they are approved by the IRS

Partnership and S-Corporation Tax Returns are due on March 15, 2019 

  • We need your information by February 15, 2019 to ensure a timely filed return
  • Otherwise, please contact us to file an extension
  • Extension requests must be received in writing no later than March 10, 2019

Individual, Fiduciary, and Estate (1041) Returns are due on April 15, 2019

  • In order to ensure a timely filed return, we need your information no later than March 15, 2019
  • Otherwise, please contact us to file an extension
  • Extension requests must be received in writing no later than April 10, 2019

Important Deadlines for Returns Placed on Extension

In order to ensure that your extended return is prepared in a timely fashion, please be aware of the deadlines for document submission, as well as the actual filing deadlines

  • S-Corporations and Partnerships:  Documents must be received no later than 8/31/2019, to help ensure that your return is filed by the 9/16/2019 deadline
  • Fiduciary / Estates: Documents must be received no later than 8/31/2019, to help ensure that your return is filed by the 10/1/2019 deadline
  • Individuals: Documents must be received no later than 9/16/2019, to help ensure that your return is filed by the 10/15/2019 deadline

See tax due dates for additional due dates and information